Impact of Social Media Engagement and Content Quality on Brand Loyalty in Skincare Business in Indonesia


  • Paramita Andini Universitas Nusa Putra
  • Dila Padila Nurhasanah Universitas Nusa Putra



Social Media Engagement, Content Quality, Brand Loyalty, Indonesia


The beauty and skincare industry in Indonesia has witnessed remarkable transformations driven by the increasing integration of social media platforms into marketing and consumer engagement strategies. This study sought to quantitatively analyze the impact of social media engagement and content quality on brand loyalty within the Indonesian skincare business. Data was collected through a structured questionnaire from a sample of 300 consumers, and various statistical analyses were conducted to test the research hypotheses. The results confirmed a positive and significant relationship between social media engagement and brand loyalty, as well as the influential role of content quality. Additionally, the interaction effect between social media engagement and content quality was found to enhance brand loyalty. These findings offer practical insights for skincare businesses in Indonesia, emphasizing the importance of a combined approach that effectively engages consumers on social media while delivering high-quality content. As the skincare market in Indonesia continues to grow, understanding and harnessing the power of social media and content quality is essential for building brand loyalty in this dynamic and competitive industry.


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