Corporate Legal Responsibility for Environmental Impacts in Industrial Activities


  • Yana Priyana STAI Al-Andina



Environment, Human Life Quality, Environmental Preservation, Environmental Integrity, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


This passage underscores the fundamental significance of the environment in shaping the quality of human life. It accentuates the collective dedication shared among governments, societies, and businesses to safeguard and reinforce the integrity of the environment. While this commitment remains evident, obstacles surface due to corporate endeavors that seek to undermine environmental regulations in the course of industrial ventures. Such actions possess the potential to trigger extensive ecological and societal predicaments. Corporations, as legal entities, bear both rights and responsibilities. Among these obligations is the pivotal duty to uphold the equilibrium of natural resources. Against the backdrop of modern-day challenges such as forest fires and pollution, the matter of corporations' legal liability for environmental repercussions emerges as a matter of paramount importance. Within this discourse, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is meticulously explored. This exploration extends to encompass social and ecological responsibility, encapsulating facets like community development and the adoption of sustainable practices. The paper forwards a compelling argument for a shift away from a profit-centric focus toward corporate practices that prioritize social and environmental considerations. This shift is deemed essential for ensuring the trajectory of sustainable development, whereby economic growth harmonizes with the preservation of ecological balance.


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